Collect gifts in the new program Bonus at Robin roo casino

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Robin roo casino is delighting players with a new rewards program this season. If you are tired of spinning slots just for fun, enter the tasks of the program “Bonus+”! Simple, interesting and for the completion of each you will receive a gift.

On July 1, 2021, Bonus+ launched and has already brought good profits to those who started completing tasks. This is a multi-level program that will not let you get bored for a long time. Six levels and more than 90 tasks – you will have enough for a long time. Robin roo casino never gets tired of coming up with new entertainment for its players and does not stint on rewards. Come in and collect your prizes!

Rules of the program Bonus in Robin roo casino

The rules of the game are very simple. Every registered player in robin roo casino online australia can take part. In addition, there are no restrictions on the choice of levels and specific tasks. Even if you have just registered, you can choose the coolest level and try your hand.

To start the game, you need to go to the “Missions” section. Then you choose a level:

  • Elementary;
  • Classic;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;

Each level presents a dozen tasks. To read what the task is and what prize you can get is simple – click on the “?” icon next to the name and get full information.

Choose what you like and go ahead!

There are a total of 96 tasks in the program. Some of them are permanent, others change. There is also a “Mission of the Day” not tied to levels. It is updated daily and you get a gift right away.

The main points of the program Bonus

Only money from the main deposit can be used to perform tasks.

All won funds are credited to the bonus account. You can wager them, after which the money will be transferred to the main deposit and you can withdraw them.

If the missions do not open, check if the “casino” section is unblocked.

The rewards program is divided into seasons. A new one starts a month after the first participant has completed the missions of the previous one.

Prizes are awarded within 3 days after completing the task

Robinroo casino is always ready to offer new and exciting activities. This season the robin roo casino program is very cool! Tasks to do interesting and easy, and the reward for them is very nice. Come in and see for yourself – it’s very easy to get a gift and, believe me, it’s worth it!

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